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Ultimate “I f***ing LOVE you” wishlist

Ultimate “I f***ing LOVE you” wishlist
10 December, 2020 GAVIRIA
lover gift guide

The Ultimate “I f***ing LOVE you” wishlist for these holidays

As Jhon Coltrane said, the best gift you can give to the world is a love supreme.


We all like to heat the fire. Here is our ultimate love gift guide to get started.
Gaviria heart hoop or the silver heart long earrings as an appetizer. Bergamot perfume to energize the night
and a beautifully designed vibrator for the final Fireworks!

*Gaviria WIld Heart Earrings, Gaviria soul mate Hoops, Le Labo Bergamote Perfume, My Plusone vibrator.


A love supreme deserves a supreme trip. What about an amazing trip to Namibia in Africa? There is nothing sexier than a safari holiday. Gift her with a  disco bracelet that she won’t take off, or an Island disco hoops with pearls (Traditionally, pearls have symbolized everlasting love, loyalty and wisdom.). Finish your perfect gift with an intimate marihuana kit for your African nights.


love gift guide

* GAVIRIA Disco Bracelet in Silver, GAVIRIA Island Disco Hoops with pearls and lavender, Foria Intimacy Collection, Hotel in Namibia- Chobe border.


Love is an adventure and it’s important to always keep the fire burning. Take her to an adventurous trip to the amazon luxury hotel Calanoa. Gift her easy to wear silver heart Huggies or some silver heart studs so you can both enjoy the Amazon river’s sunsets.


*Silver Wild Heart Huggie, Silver heart stud, Picture of Calanoa Hotel in the Colombian Amazon.


OK, maybe travelling to the Amazon or Namibia sounds way too far in the middle of a pandemic. What about a night in the coolest hotel in your town?

In Barcelona, a night at casa Bonay can be an uber-romantic and very cool night. Finish the perfect present with our favourite Classic Chain necklace in silver or our Necklace with LOVER charm.


*Classic Chain with Heart, Lover Necklace, Casa Bonay Hotel


 Hope you enjoyed this love gift guide as much as we did doing it 🙂