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Love Parade

“Inspired by the Love Parade’s free love principles, we wanted to pay tribute, embrace and highlight love in its multiple ways. Mother’s love, friend’s love, a couple’s love, sister’s love, self-love. Love in every colour, love for all. Because love shall always be with and within us. Let’s celebrate love.”


“To break something down into its separate parts in order to understand its meaning, especially when this is different from how it was previously understood”


From jazz to electronic sounds, psychedelia has always shaped music as we know it today.

We celebrate colourful journeys through the lands of fantasy. Places where pastel colours, bunnies and owers collide to create love in the forms of beauty.

Alice in Wonderland becomes a symbol of the world of hallucination and GAVIRIA creates an ode to the dreams of modern music.

Welcome to Wonderland: A century of psychedelia.

Spaghetti Western

“Metallic purple earrings beneath the sun of Texas, a woman with Orange Spaghetti Neon bracelet singing in a highway’s Karaoke, a disguised killer playing Miss Gaviria”

Gaviria has decided to revise in its own way the classic cinema genre, Spaghetti Western. With an ironic language through the items names – Ravioli earrings, Fusilli earrings, Spaghetti Neon or Orecchietta – Gaviria plays with the term Spaghetti which refers to Italian-Spanish productions of the American genre, “Western”.

Colourful, fun and full of action!

Space Recall

Imagine a trip stepping into Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odissey, David Bowie’s Space Oddity Album or Vasarely’s Op Art.

A revision of the late 60’s Space Age through the eyes of Gaviria.

Nothing in Common

Inspired by pop culture, Jeff Koons, sugary candies.

Nothing in Common collection is full of bold, hip and colourful pieces.

Nothing in Common II

A fun yet basic collection for the daily use, available in different options, with or without colours.

Simple but vibrant this is Nothing in common II